About Us

In 2008 a hardware and construction firm, Miangeni was founded. Miangeni Hardware and Contractors has with time grown to venture into a diverse portfolio of commercial interests and which now include: Civil works and structural engineering, Education, Fuel and lubricants marketing, Electrical(Retail) and Installations and the Hardware division. These interests are undertaken by our subsidiaries Miangeni International Ltd, Miangeni International Academy, Miangeni investments ltd, Star East, and the Miangeni Hardware and contactors ltd respectively.

The Firm is headquartered at Makindu Town, Makueni County with various major branches in the country. Duly licensed and registered by the NCA,the firm has worked on many projects across the country. It invests in a highly skilled team of professionals right away from the loader to the structural engineers.

We have formed partnerships and dealerships to sell and distribute to regional hardwares and consumers corporate products which include Bamburi cement ltd, Rhino cement ltd;both for cement products and Mabati Rolling for regional distribution of their products.

The firm owns paint mixers across its branches for on demand orders of colors. Customers can order for their colors of choice of preference and have it prepared immediately.

Firm's staff at the Main Office-Makindu

One of our divisions is creation of blueprints and quantity surveying for structural works.engage us for your BQs Read more..