Plant And Equipment

We pride ourselves of a massive investment in the neccessary capital goods relevant for the kind of works we exist to do.Be it Building and Structural works,Excavation,Road works and repairs,Cabro paving works,Electrical installations,Transportation etc we are can comfortably handle it.

We can competently say that of the "10 Cs of Supplier Evaluation",Our Company meets them all.

Besides investment in competent personnel,we have invested in equiping them appropriately.We very well understand that if we have to have our end products become like its desired by our valued clients,then capacity and competence are uncompromisable.By our investments in people and equipment,we realize that our promises to clients remain to be so all through.

Computerised paint mixers:enjoy automatic paint mixing to a color type or shade of your choice through the instant color preparation equipment we accord you.

Equipment at an excavation site

One of our rollers at a road construction site

Heavy and Light commercial trucks

Earth Movers

Earth Movers-we are set to go for heavy duty projects

Tippers at a Road Repair Works Site.

Supervision of a work in progress

We are well equiped to handle your project needs