Accomplished projects and work in progress

Our wealth of experience and desire for continous improvement has seen us grow our capacity to handle high profile projects.We use our past experience to build on strength for future capabilities

Nice,Isn't it?One sure we ensure we give back to the society is by ensuring that infrastructural projects are made to last long and have a satisfied community.We persue intergity with all projects including government contracts.By so doing we are sure of a sustainable way with which we take part in building of our nation

Road works:ongoing tarmarking of a road.
We have sufficient experience for high capacity structural works.
Laying strong foundations

Firms equpment at a project site

Construction works of Miangeni Center at Emali town which is currently a commercial space housing a variety of businessess

Our equipment as we commence road works on a governments project.

Final touches of sa road with a roller

Surface improvement on Wayona Kisingo road-Makindu.